March 31st 
Pianma片马 Road -  Liuku 六库 -  Gongshan 贡山   S228

More rain overnight.  We discovered that our car had a flat tyre and there was no spare because the spare had been used the previous day. The tyre repair people, summoned from Liuku , gave us a lift back there and we caught a light bus to Pihe 匹河, while driver Mr. Yeung went back to km36 with a repaired tyre for the car. At Pihe 匹河we hired a minivan and we explored the east side of the valley.  In more mist and rain we viewed the Laomudeng Christian Church 老母登基督教堂 near Zhiziluo 知子罗 and came across our first hunters with crossbows, a sign that we were in Lisu 傈僳 country, and that birding might be difficult.
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
March 31
In mid-afternoon Mr Yeung and our 4WD caught up with us in Pihe 匹河and we headed north.  We decided to skip the town of Fugong 福贡 and arrived at the “Stone Moon” 石月亮 viewpoint as it got dark. Pressing on still further, we arrived at Gongshan at 21:15 and found a hotel, with, luckily, a restaurant still open next door. Stone Moon near Lishade    石月亮 近利沙底
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