March 30th 
Birding on the road S316 Lushui 泸水 to Pianma 片马 

After early noodles we set off into the smudgy grey dawn. After disturbing some Chestnut Thrushes on the road we got to the pass an hour later (km 58.5).  At 3,000m it was misty and wet.  KC decided to start in the gloom and the rest of us opted to get off the vehicle at different points back down on the eastern side.  We found that the habitat nearer the pass (km 50-58) was very damaged but Golden Bush Robin and Spotted Nutcracker were noted.

White-browed Fulvettas were found nestbuilding in brambles in a gully.  Fire-tailed and Green-tailed Sunbirds were seen. We worked our way towards the roadworker station at km 45 as the rain got harder and harder. Gold-naped Finches were noted just up the road, near km 46.
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
March 30
Spotted Nutcracker
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