March 29th 
Tengchong 腾冲 to Liuku 六库

By mid-morning a 4WD with driver (Mr Yeung ) had been hired for 500RMB per day, and we set off down the “new” road, S317.  By 13:40 we were having a late lunch on the bank of the Nujiang 怒江 (Salween) River with Plain Martins circling over the near bank and a pair of River Lapwings spotted by KC on the other side.

North along the west bank of the Nujiang (Salween) River on route S230 we passed the turnoff to Baihualing 百花岭 at km78 and drove up to Liuku 六库 about 50km further on.  After getting some local maps we headed up towards Pianma 片马, passing Lushui 泸水 on S316.    It fell dark as we searched for the accommodation in Yaojiaping 姚家坪 that Y.T.YU had used in 2008.  We didn’t recognize it as the site (km 45) had become derelict and was strewn with piles of gravel, sand and tar barrels.   We turned back and, at around km 36, got the last available rooms in a place that normally accommodates truckers on the cross-border run, - “Ke Jia Shi Su”客家食宿 With well-swept concrete floors and metal doors we didn’t have to worry about rats and the like.
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
March 29
Yaojiaping 姚家坪
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