March 27th 
Hong Kong to Tengchong, Yunnan Province 云南腾冲

A Taxi to Lok Ma Chau Spurline Boundary Crossing Point. We arrived just before it opened at 06:30.   A Taxi to Shenzhen airport took 45 minutes.  Our 09:00 flight to Kunming was delayed for more than an hour, but we arrived at Kunming at 12:25.  A forty-minute flight to Tengchong’s brand new airport arrived at 14:40.  Carved from the hills to the southwest of town, if you’ve always wanted to experience an aircraft carrier landing, this is the destination for you !

We were picked up by arrangement with the Tengchong Red Guest House 腾冲红房子青年旅舍  mobile: 13508751451 It is a pleasant, if simple place to stay. The owner, Taylor, speaks English quite well, and is a useful source of local information. We dumped our bags and headed into Laifeng  Shan Park 来凤山森林公园, overlooking the town.  Driving up the track to the top we met Steve Anyon Smith, heading downhill.   We had read each other’s birding trip reports on the internet.  In about two hours birding at the top and down the stone steps we got 26 species including “Black-streaked” Scimitar-babbler  (newly “split” from Spot-breasted), Black-breasted Thrush and the leucotis race of Eurasian Jay.

A flock of 20+ Cattle egrets at dusk by the river rounded off the day.
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
March 27
Northern Tree Shew  Tupaia belangeri  北樹鼩
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