March 27th 
Flew Shenzhen 深圳 – Kunming 昆明 – Tengchong 腾冲, birded Laifeng Shan 来凤山

March 28th
Birded Laifeng Shan 来凤山, Tengchong 腾冲

March 29th*
Drove Tengchong 腾冲 – Gaoligong Shan 高藜贡山 – Salween Valley Lushui 泸水

March 30th*
Birded in rain on the road S316 Lushui 泸水 to Pianma 片马 

March 31st*
Liuku六库 – Pihe 匹河– “Stone Moon” 石月亮 viewpoint – Gongshan 贡山

April 1st*
Gongshan 贡山 – Bingzhongluo 丙中洛– Gongshan 贡山

April 2nd*
Gongshan 贡山 – Dulongjiang 独龙江 – Liuku 六库

April 3rd
Liuku 六库 - pass – Pianma 片马

April 4th
birded Pianma 片马 – west side of pass – Pianma,  Pianma  片马 – Gulang 古浪

April 5th
Pianma 片马 – over pass – Liuku 六库

April 6th
Liuku 六库– daytrip to Caojian 漕涧

April 7th
Liuku 六库 coach to Lanping 兰坪

April 8th
a.m. trip to Jinji Temple 金鸡寺, p.m. to Xindouqiao “National Park” 新都桥国家森林公园

April 9th
Lanping 兰坪 –  Tongdian  通甸 - Luogujing 箩古箐

April 10th
Luogujing 箩古箐 – birded the scenic site

April 11th
Luogujing 箩古箐 – drove to the  Dayangchang (a big meadow) 大羊场

April 12th
Luogujing 箩古箐 – Tongdian 通甸 – Dali 大理

April 13th
Dali – Gantong Temple 感通寺 to Zhonghe Temple 中和寺

April 14th
Dali “Cloudy Tourist Walk” near Zhonghe Temple 中和寺

(* with Maicha and KC LEE)
Yunnan Province  云南省
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