April 9th 
Lanping 兰坪 to Luogujing 箩古箐 Village

We got the 09:30 bus towards Xiaguan 下关 (Dali 大理) and at 10:40 were set down at a road junction within sight of Tongdian 通甸.  Motor tricycles were for hire, but someone kindly gave us a lift for free in his car.  At Tongdian we hired a minivan for RMB 150 to take us to Luogujing 箩古箐.  There we found a Pumi 普米 (ethnic minority) homestay or rather, the owner found us.  A choice of accommodation is nearing completion, and the paving of the road seems to show that development of Luogujing as a scenic attraction is imminent. 

There is a primary school near the homestay place.   We met students returning with firewood, one late afternoon.  We walked uphill from the village, with Little Buntings and Rufous-fronted Accentors among the few birds visible.

Breakfasts and dinners were taken with our hosts in a newly renovated courtyard building with a garden at the centre. Solar energy was used for water heating,  and a combination of liquid natural gas and fire wood  for cooking. 

We had Yak-butter tea and buns for breakfast. Dinners were stir-fried dishes and plain rice.
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
April 9
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