April 8th 
Two sites near Lanping Town 兰坪

The principal industry of Lanping County is the strip-mining and smelting of zinc. Predictably, it is not a popular tourist destination, but these natural resources have made Lanping one of the most prosperous counties in Yunnan. We found a hotel. 

We got a yellow shuttle bus to Jinding Town 金顶 and a second one to opposite the village below the historic Jinji Temple 金鸡寺, about 12km south of Lanping.  We had a climb along a track through a village which ended near some brick kilns. We then trudged up into pine woods. Two elderly watchmen at the temple were surprised to see us.  The temple was a peaceful place, certainly undisturbed by many visitors. 

Only very small birds were seen, apart from a couple of distant Black Bulbuls, an unidentified Woodpecker and a shy Spot-breasted Scimitar Babbler.
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
April 8
After lunch in Lanping City, we decided to hire a minivan to check out a place on the map described as a National Park, Xinduqiao 新都桥国家森林公园.  It was about 13 km west of Jinding 金顶.  The failed tourist attraction chalets near the main road and the absence of any control of visitors provided early clues that there was no decent habitat to be protected nearby. We were told that habitat with primary forest could only be reached after a 50km drive on a very rough road.   We decided to return to Lanping in late afternoon and leave the following day.
The path to Jinji Temple 
金鸡寺 Our favourite eatery in Lanping
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