April 7th 
Liuku 六库 – Lanping 兰坪

The bus from Liuku to Lanping turned off the Caojian 漕涧 (S228) after 36 km and route S311 climbed the bare hillside to a pass at about 2,800m. We could see the Lancang 澜沧江 (Mekong) River, 1,500 below us, but it took another 30 minutes to get down to the west bank of the river.

Further north we approached the historic town of Lacheng 拉井 which was originally famous for salt production.  We climbed beyond Lacheng to a wooded ridge (decent secondary woodland) and descended towards Lanping. 
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
April 7
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