April 2nd 
Gongshan 贡山 south to Liuku 六库

Intending to survey the road to Dulongjiang 独龙江, we found it blocked by a landslide. With no idea how long it would take to clear we headed south again past the “Stone Moon” 石月亮 viewpoint.    Further on we saw a busy village cable sliding point (a common practice where there are not quite enough bridges) and Jemi paid to “have a go” : -10RMB each way.   Further on we found another road we hoped to bird over the Gaoligong Range 高藜贡山脉 a road to Myanmar - was blocked by a police checkpoint. We waited while the police on duty sought instructions on what to do with us.

We decided to have lunch in the township opposite. On the way we chatted with two young German teachers of English (Church volunteers perhaps, but it seemed rude to ask) taking a break in the sunshine.  Returning to the checkpoint after lunch, we were apologetically told by the police that they couldn’t let us through, and we headed south again.  Jemi and I left the vehicle and the others at Liuku 六库 and Maicha and LKC went on to Baihualing百花岭.  Jemi  hired A Fu 阿福 who drove us at Pihe 匹河 to take us back to the Liuku 六库 –Pianma 片马 Road the following day for three days.
Yunnan Province  云南省
March  & April, 2009 三、四月
April 2
Ham  & Blood sausages Ham Shop`in Liuku Crossbow Archery Fugong 福贡 Liu Ku  六库
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