Ruili, Husa, Tengchong, Gaoligong Shan, Dali, Ailao Shan and Zixi Shan, Yunnan Province
 雲南省  瑞麗、戶撒、騰沖、高黎貢山、大理、哀牢山 及 紫溪山
March 2008 三月

We had been over some of this area in March/April 2006, but we didn’t get around to writing a complete trip report. In 2006 we travelled with TAM Yiu-leung who had himself been to Ruili, Husa and Tengchong on an earlier trip with other Hong Kong birders and Prof HAN Lian-xian of Kunming’s Southwest Forestry Institute. So, thanks to them all for “pioneering” the area.

We also had some comprehensive site comments and day lists notes by Paul Holt, the Wings/Sunbirder Tour Leader from a visit he had made in January 2006. The Trip Reports listed in the references have been useful, before and after the trip.

The weather in March was dry and comfortable most of the time. Many birds were displaying and mating. We had good views of almost 300 species on the trip, but photography, especially at the start of the trip was difficult. Use of snares and catapults by village boys makes the birds very shy.

An interesting area culturally, with the landscape dotted with Burmese-style stupas and many ethnic minorities. There are no really “big name” tourist attractions and thus not many tourists, either domestic or foreign.