Jianfengling National Forest Park, Hainan, China  

中国 海南省 尖峰岭国家森林公园

November 19-26, 2009

   by John and Jemi Holmes 孔思义  黄亚萍




Gavin Cooper, Roger Muscroft, Tim & Thelma Woodward, Andrew Young (until 22nd)

John & Jemi Holmes ( departed 26th)


We had visited Jianfengling twice before, November 2005 and October 2007,  and suggested it as a destination to the rest of the “Wandering Tattlers” Big Bird Race Term.   Our visit coincided with the arrival of a cold front, but we had good views of many of the specialty Forest birds.  The accommodation and food at Tian Chi Resort were good and much of the birding nearby, either along the road or the Mingfenggou boardwalk.

A visit to the core area ( 21st Nov) was not particularly birdy,  except near the watchtower and the fields near the core area entrance.

Hainan Partridge ( the only partridge present ) and pheasants were heard, but went mostly unseen.  The partridge had been seen from the boardwalk in 2007 beneath fruiting trees.


Hainan is an island province off the south coast of China, (until 1982 it was part of Guangdong)  closest to Guangxi and Guangdong Provinces.  Most locals in Jianfengling speak cantonese.  We also met northern-accented Putonghua speakers and Sichuanese who worked in the area. 

Being quite close to Vietnam, Hainan shares some bird species/races with Vietnam as well as with the Chinese mainland.   A number of non-migratory common birds, such as Chestnut Bulbul, Chinese Bulbul and Chinese Barbet are quite distinctive forms.

Hainan’s capital is Haikou. The second city, Sanya, is a popular holiday destination  due to its’ white beaches and palm trees.

If the circular island of Hainan had a clock face superimposed on it Haikou would be at one o’clock, Sanya at six o’clock and Jianfengling at eight o’clock, inland from the town of Jianfeng.

Sanya is served by direct flights from many Chinese cities, including Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

A four-lane highway encircles Hainan, so access to Jianfeng Town by road is 120Km from Sanya (110Km from Sanya Airport) and about 230Km from Haikou.

We flew Dragonair (KA 650/651) from and to Hong Kong, a 75 minute flight, cost including taxes about HK$1680  return, but only snacks were served.