Yankicha Island, Russian Far East 2012 DSLR Camera, 400mm F5.6 lens F7.1 1/2000s ISO1250

Although the light was fading, we were reluctant to leave. In the heavy swells we faced, the Zodiac was moving like a four wheel drive vehicle over rough land. Auklets were all over the sea. Sometimes they came out from beside the Zodiac.

The island was full of Auklets, thousands of them, it felt like we were in a wildlife documentary scene. We cherished the moment, not just pressing our shutter buttons all the time.

I felt content, nothing else.  A captivating scene I will never forget.  It was wildlife drawing us together. A precious moment when I was held by my loving husband - to prevent me falling out of the boat - as I stood and took photos on that choppy sea, full of Crested and Whiskered Auklets, in the Russian Far East.