Kurils Island, Russian Far East 2012 DSLR Camera, 400mm F5.6 lens F7.1 1/4000s ISO640

We were moving south-west along the Kuril Islands.   It was a beautiful late afternoon when our Zodiacs cruised around the Ekarma Island.  Sunlight was gentle, sky was blue with some decorative clouds, calm sea with thousands of Northern Fulmars and other seabirds, Tufted Puffins, Cormorants and Gulls were in air, at sea or on their nests on the cliffs.    It was no doubt our presence had made them nervious and unsettled.  I wondered what the wildbirds had in mind about our presence in their territory. The experienced expedition Zodiac drivers, all knew how to maintain a good distance from wildlife.

At the time when the light was getting more gentle,  Katya, the assistant expedition leader, spotted a single Whiskered Auklet swimming close to our Zodiac.  It delighted all the passengers on board.  I could feel the cheering beating hearts on the Zodiac. All of us focused in the same direction waiting for the Auklet to coming up to the surface.  It’s a tiny dark bird with 3 pairs of prominent long white displaying feathers around the face and a very stylish black curving forward crest on the forehead.  Beak was red and glossy as if lipstick was being worn. 

I took a few taking off photos when its flapping wings and feet were just on the sea surface. It  was running on the surface of the sea with water pearls splashing. I am really pleased with this image.