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Welcome to our website.

We live in Hong Kong, and much of China is readily accessible from Shenzhen's Airport, only a couple of hours away.

Over the past few years we've put quite a lot of time and effort to explore some of the highways and byways of asia, especially in China.

Our main aims have been birding and photography, but, sensing that there isn't much unbiased information out there, we have tried to report thoroughly on the places we've been birding, especially in China, with a view to assisting anyone else who might be thinking of travelling to the same places.

The development of Chinese domestic tourism means that all sorts of scenic sites and nature reserves are competing for business. The needs of visitors and the needs of wildlife are not always well balanced, but there are still places the independent traveller can get to and stay at reasonable cost, with decent habitat and birding opportunities close by. If we disliked a site we have usually said so clearly, and stated why.

We've written up a smaller proportion of our non-China trips over the past few years. Why ? Because usually more information is available for other countries and more English is spoken once you get there.

These places are easier to find your way around in.

If we can clarify any matters arising from the text of the trip reports, please feel free to get in touch.

John & Jemi
May 2010